The Golden Ball
Isaiah, Age 9, Brookfield, WI

Once upon a time in in a land far away, there was a king who ruled the earth. He always wanted his daughter to be happy. One very warm evening she was very unhappy. He bought her a mysterious gift. She opened her surprise and saw a golden ball.

The next day she played with it all day. Then she dropped it into a mysterious well. A devil-like creature came out to find the princess.

"Young lady why did you drop your ball on my head?!"

"It... it was an accident sir," muttered the princess.

"I will make a deal with you, princess. If I go and get your ball, your first baby will be mine."

The princess shook on the bet.

Little did she know that the devil had tricked her. He put poison on her ball and who first touched the ball would be killed in 7 days. Little did he know that it doesn't work in water!

The princess lived happily ever after... I think.

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