Good Bye
Jaimee, Age 13, Pembroke, MA

I am like the penny in the wishing well.
You made your wish and then I fell.
I really thought you were my friend.
And we would be friends until the end.
I guess that I was really wrong.
My life is like a sad love song.
You got your wish,
But as for me.
Well that is just it,
I'm history.
You honestly won't remember,
Those "happy" days from last September.
I'll cry a silent tear at night,
Because I was wrong and you were right.
It hurts to say that we are through.
There is no me,
There is no you.
I will think about you for the rest of my life,
I will dream about you every night.
And I hope that you will remember me,
As the person who did everything to make you happy.
I will miss not you but us.
And the day you left on that bus.
Good bye.

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