The Kindness of a Stranger
Jaimee, Age 13, Pembroke, MA

They are all laughing at me.
A silent tear roles down my cheek.
I try to stand up for myself.
But the words I just can't speak.
They trip me and push me down,
They're all wearing smiles but me,
Just a frown.
But I turn around and there he is.
A boy who is not hard to miss.
He helps me up with a smile and then walks on.
Finally all my fear is gone.
I grasp the words from deep in me,
And at last get the guts to stand up to these three.
And all because of that stranger,
I have the courage to walk away.
Whenever someone makes fun of me,
I just stand and say,
"Be that kind stranger that I met that day,
Don't be the one to push someone down,
Make them smile don't make them frown,
And you will be rewarded,
Because you will know you made a difference."
Oh, the kindness of a stranger.

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