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Norma Charles. All the Way to Mexico
Raincoast  $10.95   ISBN 1-55192-598-2  158 pg.
Reviewed by Katie

"How do you catch a cow?"
"Why would you want to?" Jacob asked, shaking the tent out of the bag and looking around for a clean flat place to set up.
"You hide in the bushes and yell,
'Free hay! Free hay!' Get it?"
"Yeah, sure. Very funny."

Jacob Armstrong is off to Mexico on his mom's honeymoon with her new husband, Fred Finkle. It's not the picnic in the park that Jacob thought it would be. He can only take so many cow jokes and stories of 'when I was your age', before his head explodes into a thousand pieces. He's happy for his mom and all, but did they have to bring Fred's kids along! Both of them are driving him up the wall, and the only thing that seems peaceful, is kicking his prized soccer ball. It's a genuine Supari that he got from his dad before the car accident. He is looking forward to watching the soccer games in Mexico, after all, Pélé, the best soccer player in history ( according to Jacob ) was born there. Will he make it to Mexico before the two Finkle brothers harass him to death? Does soccer even exist in the poor town of Mexico?

A hilarious book with lots of real-life struggles that you can relate to at any age. I have read many of Norma Charles' books, and the way she has twisted her words to make this book, it is by far her best. Some situations in this novel go on for a couple chapters, but that's what makes you read it until the end. She describes each character so well throughout the story, it's like you've been living with them forever. Most definitely a five star read!!!!


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