Mid-Night Fright
Donald, Age 14, Sugar Land, TX

It was a dark stormy night while a group of friends were telling each other scary stories.

“…and then suddenly out of nowhere, a Werewolf leaped out and…,” said one of the many people telling stories as a flash of lighting illuminated dark room.


There was a loud sound downstairs as the lights downstairs went out. Suddenly out of the darkness, a loud piercing scream frightened the group of friends.

“AH…AHH…GET IT AWAY FROM ME…NOOOOooo…,” someone downstairs screamed.

“Mom?…MOM?, are you there…are you ok?” asked Tiffany as she thinks of the story that was told by one of her friends.

Her mom never replied and she was worried. Though in the story, the boy’s mom gets abducted by some gang of werewolves and vampires, she doesn’t think something so unrealistic was happening.

“Jerry?, the story you told…it’s not true is it?” asked Tiffany nervously.

“I… don’t know… I heard it from this really freaky looking woman. I thought she was trying to scare me…” replied Jerry thoughtfully.

“Everyone, let's go downstairs and see what has happened… who’s going with me?” asked Tiffany, hoping someone would come with her.

No one volunteered, so she was forced to go downstairs into the dark void, all alone. As she reaches the stairs, frantic cries are heard from the room where her friends are and she clutches her softball bat tighter. A scary looking figure slowly advances toward Tiffany.

“I never told you or your mom that I was really a werewolf, did I?” Tiffany’s dad chuckles.

“You’re not my dad, go away, or else…” screamed Tiffany.

The figure advances and Tiffany swings her bat and strikes the figure right on the head. She hears some cracking sounds of the figure’s bone cracking. The lights instantly turn back on as Tiffany soon discovers that this whole entire thing has been a set up. Though this joke might have been funny for her parents and friends, it was not worth losing her single best friend. So always think of the worst case scenarios before playing a joke on a friend or foe.

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