Sarah's Stars

K.C. Dyer. Secret of Light
Dundurn  $12.99   ISBN 1-55002-477-9  245 pg.
Reviewed by Elise

Darrell Conner returns to school at Eagle Glen with her dog, Delaney, and two best friends, Brodie and Kate. However, she finds out that her arch-nemesis, Conrad Kenney, has transferred there as well. Darrell is crippled and has to walk with a crutch. She yearns to find the answers to her questions following the car crash in which she was crippled and her father lost his life.

When Darrell and her friends are exploring the abandoned lighthouse near their school, they are transported back in time to Renaissance Italy, to the very home of Darrell's role model and idol, Leonardo Da Vinci. Darrell is surprised to find that Leonardo, although brilliant and ambitious, is not without his troubles. In fact, he has had an extremely rough childhood. She finds her way back to the present day and is determined to get back to Italy and perhaps once and for all solve the questions about her past that haunt her.

I found this an extremely absorbing book. I could hardly put it down. It is definitely a book for history lovers. Dyer's book is about letting go of the troubles and problems of your past and moving on. This is her second book about Darrell and her friends. If you want to be more in tune with what is happening in this book, I suggest that you read Seeds of Time first.

I give KC Dyer's Secret of Light five stars.


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