Sarah's Stars

Jean Ferris. Of Sound Mind
Sunburst  $8.95   ISBN 0-374-45584-8  215 pg.
Reviewed by Sarah

Theo has an unusual family. He is the only family member who can speak, so he has to translate for his famous artist mother, his father when he goes to his frequent doctor visits, and his little brother when doing homework. He meets Ivy at school, who understands him better than most: she can sign. But life is complicated with a girl in it.

Of Sound Mind was an excellent read. It made me think about living in a world where everyone speaks when you can't, and the difficulties of daily life in those circumstances. It was filled with emotions, and interesting twists. The characters were life-like and intriguing, and many of Theo's problems were very realistic.

I recommend this book to a teenage group or older, because although most readers would enjoy it, it has a fairly complex vocabulary and plot. I thought it was a very interesting and unusual read. I rate this book five stars.


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