The Underwater Adventure Cave
Christopher, Age 12, Galesburg, IL

All around me I see stores. Stairs and elevators, unsurprisingly, are all over! My family and I could hardly wait to visit the coolest place we have ever been to. We walk down the pitch-black stairs, along with some other people, and we can’t believe what we see next! “Aaaaahhhhhh!” My sister screams.

In front of me, to my sister’s horror, there are about 6 or 7 sharks with their teeth showing, they were so sharp they were like scissors on their gums. We hear the announcer say, “ This is the begging of the Underwater Adventure Cave!” My sister’s name is Felicia. She has hazel eyes, straight brown hair, and a fear of sharks. My mom has straight, blond hair, hazel eyes, is tall and likes sharks. My step-dad is tall, has black hair, and blue eyes. As soon as we entered the cave, we all jerked, and the most amazing thing happened! We all start moving on a conveyor belt on the floor! All sorts of fish swim by, and an eel freaks out my sister. My mom and I got to touch tiger sharks and manta rays! Sadly, afterwards, we had to leave the Underwater Adventure Cave.

In conclusion, my whole family had fun at the Underwater Adventure Cave. The sharks were really neat. It was kind of funny when the eel scared Felicia. Someday, I hope we can go back. This place is a place that I will never forget!

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