My Weird Day
Bevin, Age 9, Red Oak, IA

One Monday morning I woke up and found out my bed was on the ceiling! I sat there wondering how to get down. Then I saw a staircase made out of toys! I went down the toy staircase and went to breakfast. Then I found out my mom and dad had turned into puppies! I went to school and found out my teacher had turned into a chinchilla! My class and I had to take care of her. All the girls in my class including myself held her.

When I got home I found out that my mom and dad were back to normal, but my sister and brother had turned into fish. We gave them fish food. Then that night we went to Kentucky Fried Chicken. At KFC I saw two coyotes. The cashiers were shivering with fear. I asked for three popcorn chicken meals, but instead I got three taco meals! When I went outside to go home I saw that the letters and the signs were backwards and upside down! When I got home my sister and brother were back to their same old selves (Oh brother)!

I went up the toy staircase and wished that tomorrow would be a normal and regular day! I then fell a sleep. When I woke up my bed was not on the ceiling, my mom and dad weren't puppies, my teacher wasn't a chinchilla, and everything and everyone was back to normal!

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