Sarah's Stars

Thea Beckman. Crusade in Jeans
Front Street  $9.95   ISBN 1-886910-26-X  311 pg.
Reviewed by Sarah

Imagine travelling back in time to see knights in armour, jousting and sword fighting. This is what Rudolf has a chance to do and he takes it - only when he gets there it's not quite what he had imagined. Instead of a knight's crusade, he's landed up in a crusade of eight thousand children, many of them hurt or sick. He cannot believe his eyes, but soon joins them, in the hope of helping them survive.

Crusade in Jeans was an amazing book. I could not bear to go one day without finding out what was happening next. The story enthralled me, it must have taken Thea Beckman a long time to research her work, because the details are so rich. This book is definitely worth five stars and I would expect that most people in Grades six and up would enjoy it.


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