Heather, Age 13, Raleigh, NC

You're a dream come true
You mean the world to me
My heart is satisfied
You are my everything

Some say it's destiny
Some call it ecstasy
Some say it's meant to be
But I just call it you and me

People say you can only fall in love once
But that's not true
Cause every time I see you
I fall in love again with you

When you told me you loved me
I knew it was true
Cause I can never escape
The love I have for you

I love you
You are my shooting star
Everything I ever wished for
Is everything you are

God gave me a garden
When I asked for a flower
I asked for a minute
He gave me an hour

I asked for true love
He gave me that too
I asked for an angel
and He gave me you

If you loved me like you told me
Please be careful with my heart
You can take it, just don't break it
Or my world will fall apart

Your hugs and kisses
Are like the stars
They light my world
When things get dark

I wanted you to wipe my tears away
That's exactly what you did
You took my breath away
Just do it again

The first time I saw you
I knew it was true
I'll love you forever
And that's what I'll do

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