Sarah's Stars

Eva Ibbotson. Dial-A-Ghost
Puffin  $5.99   ISBN 0-14-250018-6  195 pg.
Reviewed by Sarah

The Wilkinsons, a family of ghosts, have lived in their ruined house ever since they died. Suddenly, their house is renovated and new people move in. People who can't see ghosts. They put things in and through the ghosts, and are totally unaware. After a while, though, these people move out. The house is re-sold, and the newcomers are much more of a problem - they can see the Wilkinsons. They scream and yell whenever they see one of the ghosts, and eventually the Wilkinsons' are forced to leave. It is then that the adventure begins.

Eva Ibbotson has created a whole new view of ghosts with this book. I loved how they look exactly the same as they had the moment they died. The story was extremely well written, easy to follow and very enjoyable. I would recommend Dial-A-Ghost to anyone in Grades 5 through 9. This book was worth all five stars.


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