Mark, Age 15, Magna, UT

I walk along the edge,
Cold air rushes pass my face.
Below, I hear the roaring of
the rushing water under me.
It starts to bring back memories.
The memories of her.
The rush I got from hearing her talk,
When she whispered my name.
With one single look,
she made my body melt.
She had my soul. She had my heart.
She was my keeper, but she tore me apart.

My foot slips, I hear the rocks
splash into the river below.
I awaken from my dream state.
I find myself all alone,
but still in pain.

I look at the night sky.
The moon so full. I look at
the stars; billions and billions
of stars in the night sky.
Can they feel my pain?
I want to be a star, I want to fall.
Fall forever. Let the river
below catch my body,
take me away from this pain.

The wind blows. Screaming
through out the trees.
Whispering to me all of its sad sorrows.
Telling me all of the silent
cries from all of the broken
hearts, all of those stars.
All the ones who are trapped in their pain.

A light shines from the forest.
The crackle of wood is heard from behind.
I turn around, still on the edge.
'Is that you?'
she says in a desperate voice.
I look into her face and see her pain
but it is to late. I am too close to the edge,
too far to come back.
'What are you doing?' she says.
'Dancing, walking the wire,
making my closure.' I say.
I look at the water.
Emotions rush through
out my body, my pain comes upon me,
I start to cry. The reflection of
the moon light gleams upon my face.
As the tears pour down.

She walks closer. I step back further.
'Come on, let's go and talk about this.'
she says. ' You don't love me,
why did you hurt me?' I say.
' I didn't mean to.' she says.
'Take my hand, come with me.
I will help you.' she says.
She stretches her hand out.
As if she was reaching
across eternity to bring me
back from the depths of hell.
I turn to her and see her tears,
I see her pain. I start to
reach out for her hand, but I stop,
and look at her face.
'Now you can feel my pain.....'
I turn and jump off the edge,
into the darkness, away from my pain.

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