86 Pennies
Kathy, Age 9, Canada

86 pennies lined up in a row,
Blow the trumpets, off they go,
One by one into the purse,
But one dropped out, oh this is worse,
It swiftly drops into a hand,
Then it's thrown into a garbage can,
It marches here, it marches there,
It looks okay but it's full of fear,
Up it goes it smells fresh air,
Thank goodness it's out, that was a scare,
Now it's thinking, where oh where,
Are my fellow friends?
It hopes they're not in danger, maybe copper bends,
Whatever it is it wants to get back.
Safe and snug in the money sack.

Then something blurred in its vision,
It should see it, but that's it's decision,
And it goes over to see it,
And it's the purse that started it all,
The one that made its gigantic fall,

With trumpet music in its mind,
It marches of without looking behind,
It tells the others, there's nothing worse,
Than dropping out of the safe, snug purse!

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