Whites the Horse
Kail, Age 8, Folsom, CA

A young horse named Whites always thought he was a zebra, but with no stripes. One sunny day he said “If I’m a zebra, why don’t I have stripes?"

”Because you are not a zebra,” mother horse answered.

“Yes, I am a zebra, and I’m going to get stripes,” said Whites. “First I will try to get stripes by stealing stripes from other zebras. Next, I will try putting sticks on my body. Then, I will try to paint my body with black stripes," said Whites.

Finally, one noontime, Whites asked, “Why don’t I have stripes? I did everything but why don’t I have stripes?”

“Because you are not a zebra, you are a white horse,” said the mother horse.

“But I want to be a zebra because I like them,” said Whites in a little voice.

“Well, you are a horse, it’s nature,” said mother horse.

“I guess you are right this time,” said Whites. Then he decided that it was fun to be a horse and had no problems and a great life.

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