Natasha, Age 14, Calgary, AB

I can feel the air beneath my wings
I listen as the wind sings
My heart is pumping
Quickly, then slow
I must know
Is there an end to this trip?
Or will a hole never rip
Through the deep blue.
Is there anything I can do?
I think for a second and look
It feels like a Lewis Carroll book.
I see you in the mist
Are you writing a list?
I can’t see
Can it truly be?
That I am on solid ground
Ignoring the world spinning ‘round
Is love that blind?
To twist my mind
I am falling
Out to you
Are you falling too?
I close my eyes
We’re in disguise
Each a turtle dove
Who has found true love
I have come to a stop
I see you drop
You run to me
We are together, free.

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