First Love
Sarah, Age 14, Kimberly, ID

You once said I was the girl,
Who you would give a ring.
Little did I know,
How much my heart would sting.

You left me for another,
Promising me your love.
You made my heart fly
and as peaceful as a dove.

Rejection was my plan,
A way to get you back.
Every letter that I wrote you
Was tossed into a stack.

No way would I show my feelings,
My person you don't know.
I couldn't hide, I couldn't run,
I had nowhere I could go.

The hurt I felt brought me down,
Threw me into deep despair.
I looked to you as my friend
But little did you care.

Now you say you want me back?
You say it was a mistake.
It seemed as if it were a dream,
But no, I was wide awake.

Maybe someday, another time,
When the pain isn't so great.
But now I will say no to you,
It just might be to late.

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