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Gail Giles. Shattering Glass
Simon & Schuster  $10.99   ISBN 0-689-85800-0  215 pg.
Reviewed by Sarah

Of course we wondered why these boys were so suddenly Simon's friends. But we were delighted that Simon was coming out of his shell. He became interested in how he looked, didn't lock himself up in his room with his computer, he seemed happy. And how could we suspect something like this would happen? That Steward boy. His father's a doctor and on the school board. His uncle was a State Representative. That family has always been respected in this town. Bob's father works for the same firm I do. We didn't know anything about that other boy, Rob, but he was charming and had lovely manners. What could we have done?
-Diane Glass

Shattering Glass was wonderfully written. The entire book was full of suspense, letting the reader's mind guess what was about to happen next. Giles did an awesome job of portraying the emotions of the characters in this book and I loved the subtle hints that she added here and there. The entire book was creepy, and even though you are told the ending in the first paragraph of the book, the unravelling of the story is fast-paced and intriguing. I loved the ending - it was so different. I would give this book five stars and recommend it to readers from grade eight and up.


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