Good Bye
Sarah, Age 14, Kimberly, ID

I don't want to lose you,
But then, I don't want you back.
I wish that you would've,
Just given me some slack.

I wish you could tell me
The truth and just why.
I wanted to hate you,
But my heart will not lie.

Just leave me alone,
I wanted to yell.
But you have no idea
That I'm going through hell.

I can't let you know,
The torture, I'm going through.
But I want to know,
If you're going through it too.

I wish I could read your mind,
Or even change the past.
Then I would be at ease,
I'd feel peace again at last.

Come back to me! I want to scream.
But then I can't, I know,
I won't tell you my hurt and pain,
My heart dealt a powerful blow.

I want you to think my life is great,
Although it is a lie.
For now, I guess I have to say,
To you, my love, Good Bye.

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