Finding a Home
Rachel, Age 15, Colfax, IL

I donít have a home
I go here
And they tell me to go there
I go there and they tell me to go here
I am not wanted anywhere

At the house I live in
There is anger
Anger that belongs to me
Anger that goes toward me

I have the hatred from my mother
And from my brother
I have hatred that goes toward my mother
And my brother
I would stay with my father

But he wants nothing to do with me either
I doubt he even knows that I exist.

The gifts I get are just a gesture
This way they donít feel guilty for leaving me out
I have no family that cares

Why is that
Why donít they like me
Is it because of what I wear or how I look
Is it because of my personality

All I have left are my friends
Friends that are slowly disappearing
Friends that have no idea what Iím going through
And if they did they wouldnít want anything to do with me

So now I ask myself
Should I just change it now
Should I start a new life
Somewhere where no one knows me
Somewhere where I could have a fresh start
And make good friends, real friends

Is there even a place
A place where I can love and be loved
Is it possible that there is a place where I could fit in

Where ever it is I will find it
No matter what it takes
No matter how long it takes
No matter how far it is
I will find it
I will find HOME

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