Abbie, Age 10, Nova Scotia, Canada

When I stand against a big brick wall
It makes me feel very small

I want to be bigger, bigger than a tree
I don't like being small- small like me

My friends all say I'm small for 8
But my mom says I will grow, just wait

Mom says in a couple of years
I will have a growth spurt
But until then I have to stand
being squirt

At school there's a new girl named Tia
She's so tall, Mama Mia!

She says she would give a lot
To be small like me ,
And I told her she's crazy!

I said she would reconsider if
she knew what it was like
But she said being tall is...YIKES!

I told her the advantages of
being tall
and she told me the advantages of
being small

Now we like our height
And we're the best of friends!

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