Why We Do the Things We Do
Natasha, Age 14, Calgary, AB

Why do we sing if no one is listening?
We still open our mouths
And let the notes out
They fly freely,
And find anyone’s ears
Whether they are ready to listen or not.
Someone will hear.
Someone will care.
And if no one does, we still sing
We have hope.
We want our message to be heard.

Why do we dance if no one is watching?
We groove to our favourite tunes
We work hard night after night
So hard we fight with our muscles
We hope someone out there will notice.
Maybe they will hear our taps,
Or see our perfect stance.
Better yet, they might enjoy it.
We could have an audience
Or even better we could have a show.
A performance!
We only hope
For someone to watch our stories.

Why do we write if no one is reading?
We constantly push pens to paper,
Tap words on keyboards.
Print endless pages
Of poems, stories, essays, journals, and random blabs.
We despair for a reader
Someone to appreciate our work
It hurts to pour out our souls
But yet we do.
Just to get the recognition
In the hope,
Of someone being able to relate,
To our lives.
Or at least what we tell of them

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