Belle and Rosie
Tanya, Age 9, Sydney, NSW, Australia

Rosie Wilder patted Belle’s flanks as she galloped across the grassy fields a bit beyond the stunning countryside. She could feel Belle’s well built muscles beneath her flexing and stretching out wildly. As she reached the top of the rocky hill she could see the whole beautiful outback.

Rosie halted Belle and stared at the beautiful greenery and water, the fields and kangaroos. And of course, Indigo Mist Stable. As Rosie cantered down the bumpy hill, she started daydreaming about having her own stable. When she got to the bottom of the hill, she stopped Belle and hopped off and led her down to the Crystal Creek. Rosie sat down and let Belle graze for a while. She stared into the clear creek that showed her reflection. There was going to be a gymkhana soon and Rosie was definitely entering. It wasn’t going to be an actual competitive gymkhana, since Rosie was only 9, but she was looking forward to watching the adult gymkhana. She lay on the grass and thought about it.

Rosie was at the gymkhana. She couldn’t believe this exciting event was just about to happen! First, came the egg and spoon race. Rosie cantered across the 1 mile riding ring with the egg balanced cautiously on the edge of the spoon.

“Yes!” Rosie hissed as she handed over the egg and spoon to Mandy McDell. Mandy shot off and handed the spoon to Lisa Bridge and so on. Their team won the egg and spoon race. Next was the Fun-Jump race where there were little poles you had to jump. And so on. Rosie’s team won in the end but the rider of the year had to be announced.

“The Rider of the Year is...Rosie Wilder and Belle!!!!!!” There was loud applause from the crowd as Rosie led Belle up the ramp to get the big trophy.

“Thank you!” Rosie smiled and bowed to everyone.

So, Rosie was happy, very, very happy. Her friend, Amber Proudlove was happy for her too. But the real, real champ was Belle. Rosie gave Belle a very special grooming after she had watched the adult gymkhana (which was packed with thrills and spills) and gave her two carrots and three apples plus a BIG hug! Belle is the best horse ever, there’s NO mistake about that! Rosie thought every day when she went to groom and hug Belle.

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