My Broken Hand
Yesica, Age 12, Merced, CA

We were having lots of fun on the couch jumping up and down. We were jumping while my mom was on the phone talking to my grandma. We were shouting, screaming, and laughing with lots of excitement but we could not be too loud because we would get in trouble. Plus my mom would hear us and we would get grounded.

My mom was still on the phone in the kitchen talking. My brother and I started to play wrestlers, we played and played. Then while we where playing BANG!!! right on the floor I landed. Right on my hands. I started to cry a little, then my mom finished talking. The next thing that happen was that she saw me on the ground crying. She picked me up and said “Does it hurt?”

I said “yes.” Then at twelve o’clock my dad came home from work, we went to the hospital. We got to the hospital; we waited like one hour to get attended. Then the doctor took some X-ray’s of my hand. At the end I had to wear a cast for two whole weeks.

What I learned from this incident was that I should not jump on a couch while there are no adults with you. Even though it is really fun with no parents around. The best part about it was that I couldn’t do my homework because it was my right hand that I broke!

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