Till Death Do Us Part
Katie, Age 12, Merced, CA

Ramon Issac Haynes was my own great grandpa. He was my hero. After school, once a week, he would take me on his tractor in the fields for a ride (At that time I was only seven). However, before we left we would make a sandwich and split it right down the middle. There would be a half for me and a half for him. I remember when I used to sit down on his lap and help him drive.
It was all until one day when he didn’t pick me up.  Therefor, I talked to my dad and asked if he could call him to see if I could go over there. He said, “Papa Haynes is in the hospital, honey!” I remember those as his exact words. That moment I burst out in tears and started questioning him. He said he needed surgery on his legs. But a week later the surgery had failed and they needed to get his legs removed immediately.
That still didn’t stop us bonding together. We would play board games and watch television together. Also I would help him in the garden. We still had fun even though we were not on the tractor or fishing in the Tommy Boat. Then I thought that nothing else could go worse. But I was wrong.
Two years later when I was nine he passed way. My dad and great grandma said his time had come. And now he was in God’s hand. Once again I broke out in tears. I asked, “Why so soon?” I was so close to him. We would bond together every chance we had.
When I was at the funeral they were talking about how brave and mentally strong he was. Also how he had fought in War World II and how he earned the Purple Heart. I was so sad and tried to not cry but I couldn’t hold it in much longer. Then a soldier that he had fought in a battle with had came up to me and said it was okay and to just let it out and that is what I did. After that day I cried myself to sleep for almost a whole month. But now I understand that some people can’t live for a hundred years or more. And I still have the memories!

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