The First Jump on My Skateboard
Gino, Age 12, Merced, CA

I first jumped a ramp on my skateboard on Christmas Day. The ramp was one of the gifts I got on that day. I had no idea how to jump a ramp. I was scared to do it.

It was a Christmas Day. I got a ramp to jump with my skateboard. I went to my driveway and put the ramp towards the street, so when I jumped my ramp I would go off and ride down part of the driveway into the street. I then walked back and put my skateboard down facing the ramp. I started to pedal my skateboard. I stopped pedaling when I maintained speed. I jumped off the ramp, my skateboard flew in the air somewhere, and I did a back flop on the ramp's edge. Then I went to get my skateboard from the street. I was in pain. I put my skateboard by the front door and my ramp in the grass. I found out I had a big bruise on my back.

I did learn the proper way to jump a ramp. The way is to do a little wheelie when you launch it. You have to bed your knees when you land. You then can just roll away. Itís a perfect landing. I then learned how to really jump a ramp after I practiced. Jumping that ramp and landing helped me work my way up to the bigger ramps. I taught myself tricks on and off it. I now know how to get high in the air off it. It is very fun.

I will never forget jumping my ramp for the first time. It changed my experience in skateboarding. I can catch high air on it and do good tricks on it. It is very fun and good for exercise. This is an important part of my life if I get big in skateboarding.

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