I Am From
Jaimee, Age 13, Pembroke, MA

I am from pizza with warm melted cheese.
Meatball so plump they could roll down the street.
Homemade chocolate chip cookies that melt in your mouth.
The kind of fried chicken that you’d find down south.
I am from stencils that crawl up the wall.
Leftover clay turkeys from Thanksgiving last fall.
A big downy couch in the warm living room.
Little white dog hairs I missed with the broom.
I am from “She did it!”
“Those are my shoes you brat!”
“She's got gum in my hair mom!”
I am from a place where it is safe to not lock doors.
Leftover chalk markings from street hockey scores.
Occasional races down the big hill.
The neighbors pool where we all like to chill.
I am from a family of joking.
Good cooking.
Writing for fun.
Ideas so bright they shine like the sun.
I am from taking pictures at random.
Blue ribbons all over my bedroom.
Stuffed animals so old they are falling apart.
Poems I have written that come from the heart.

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