Leslie, Age 12, Merced, CA

There has been a major incident in my life. It was sudden and very alarming. Every time I set foot in our garage I think of him. Harley, 2004-2004, eight weeks old. I miss him a lot.

My family’s cat, Fluffy, had kittens. The thing is that she had them in a big bush at my next door neighbor’s house. While we were swimming over there, my sister heard some noises coming out of this huge bush. We all went to the bush to see what was there and there lay a little kitten with Fluffy. She had kittens!

We were all so surprised, but it smelled like some were dead. We noticed that all the kittens died but one. We called him Harley because every time my father was polishing his Harley he would come up and play with him. He also used to sharpen his claws on the tire of the Harley. We took him in and let him stay in our garage.

It was August fifteenth. My sister was mowing the lawn. My mom told us that she would take us swimming after Katelyn was finished. So Katelyn parked the lawn mower right by our garage, which was opened and Harley was inside. So we went swimming and what we didn’t know that Harley climbed inside and was laying right below the blade. We came back from swimming and my father asked Katelyn to park the lawn mower in the correct spot. So Katelyn started the lawn mower and Harley went into shock. He was jumping around everywhere. It was a very hard thing to watch. Then he was still. My dad picked him up with blood coming out of his ears and his nose. Everyone in our family was bawling because it was so hard to see. We put him back in the garage in a box with a towel. A short while later my mom found him on the ground outside in our garage, dead. We all had an hour of crying time and we were all so sad.

This incident really taught both my family and I some things. We learned to always check if any animal is underneath the lawn mower. We also learned that God has reasons for everything, accidents happen like that.

This incident changed my life. I loved Harley so much. I also miss him incredibly. But I am very lucky that he lived for as long as he did. He is the number one thing in my heart and always will be.

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