A Perfect World
Emily, Age 11, Fayetteville, NC

In a perfect world where everything's right,
The stars will come down and kiss you at night,
the sun will shine high with glory each day,
you'd be happy knowing everything's going your way.
Nothing's wrong, everything's right,
but sadly that world is just out of sight,
out of reach, out of mind.
Is that the world we're making it to be,
why can't anyone see,
It's not the grass, it's not the sky,
Am I the only one who knows why
a bad thing is passed every day,
it doesn't matter who had something to say.
it's that we didn't stop it, and that's what's not right.
and if we don't stop it, they'll continue to fight.
we'll stop it right now, it will all start with me,
then we'll finally have a world where everyone will be free.

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