Brittanny, Age 12, Atwater, CA

When it happened I laugh and I cried. There was ranch dressing everywhere on the ground, the table and of course on ME! I was in fourth grade when my friends and I went to lunch. One of my friends wanted some ranch dressing and I said I would get it for her. I donít know what I was thinking but I picked up the ranch bottle by the lid, and it wasnít on all the way. Then the next thing I knew, the ranch was on the ground and it was all over my shirt. Everyone started at me, and then I started crying.

I learned to never pick up any thing by the lid, until I know for a fact that the lid is on all the way. And I learned that the hard way. This incident didnít change my life in any way. But it did teach me that me that I should never feel bad about what happened to me. If it is funny donít cry, just laugh with the crowd. I have never gone near the ranch dressing after that happened to me.

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