Erick, Age 12, Merced, CA

One day, at Camp Lassen, my fellow scouts and I had to compete with other scouts in a relay race. We were all excited about the relay race because they said that some people will be able to ride horses and others would ride bikes. Then my scout leader came to me and said I was chosen to run. I was a little mad.

I was to go to the horse coral and wait until one of the other runners came to give me the soda can, which was used as the prop in the relay race. When one of my friends came, I took the soda can and started to run. They told me that I had to wait until the one riding the horse, finished the track. As soon as he finished, I got the soda and ran faster than I ever ran before in my life.

When I was half way there, I was happy that I ran so fast that I was catching up. “Run, run”, I heard my friends scream. Then, bam, I flew into the ground and I thought to myself 'I already made a mistake' and I was not going to do it again. I got up and ran faster than I ran the first time. When I got there every one cheered.  I thought they were laughing at me because my shorts were ripped from the side and were barely hanging on. I was so embarrassed that you could actually see my face turn red.

From running that race I learned that tripping on a rock is really painful and that with a ripped  side of your shorts, you won’t be the most in style at camp. I also learned that you should not concentrate on others when you’re running or you will fall. I think that they should not have laughed at me because I really tried my best. For about one day after there were still people that were laughing at me even though they were both bunking with me.

To this very day I can still see them laughing. Maybe I should have told them that I had tried my hardest, and maybe they wouldn’t still be laughing at me. Running in that race made realize that I could run faster than I thought I could.

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