Stephen, Age 12, Atwater, CA

Skateboards came out in the late 50ís by a group of surfers, who skateboarded when the surf was dead. Do you know what every skateboard board park will have? Every skate board park will have a bowl, which is like a pool emptied out with a grinding rail at the top. A grinding rail is a metal rail that you grind around at the top. Bowl skating became really popular in the 60ís and 70ís.

Skate boarding originated in southern California. A group of surfers go by the name Z boys who later became legends in skate boarding history. They had invented skateboarding by putting roller-skate wheels and trucks on a piece of wood.

All skateboards parks will usually be sponsored by a local amateur skateboard team. The first skate boards were long and narrow made out of fiberglass or wood.

Every skateboard park will usually have at least one half pipes. All parks will have grinding rails along with a pyramid. Pyramids look like 3 or 4 giant triangles put at a slope so you can launch off of them.

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