My Surprise Birthday
Stephen, Age 12, Atwater, CA

Have you ever been surprised on your birthday? On November 2, 2002, we were driving and I begged my mom to stop at Merced Power Sports. Then she said, “Ok! If it will make you be quiet.” I ended up getting a brand new Suzuki DRZ 110 for my birthday! After I had begged my parents for a dirt bike for months.

We had walked in and the sales manager, Rich, started talking to my mom and dad, so I went off and wandered off and found the cool dirt bike that I would end up getting. Rich told my parents that it would last me a long time.

My mom went into his office and negotiated on the price. They signed all of the papers, and then filled out the DMV information. I had got my dirt bike after waiting for 3 months. I had to get all new riding gear like green fox pants and jersey, a pair of gloves and a chest protector, and finally new black fox boots. I learned that if you wait you usually will get what you want or better. It changed my life because I got a new dirt bike. Getting a new dirt bike didn’t really change my life, it just made it better. So this is what happened on my birthday.

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