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Celia Rees. Witch Child
Bloomsbury  $14.95  ISBN 0-7475-5009-3  235pg.
Reviewed by Sarah

The following manuscript is made up from a remarkable collection of documents termed "the Mary papers".  Found hidden inside a quilt dating from the colonial period, the papers seem to take the form of an irregularly kept journal or diary.  All dates are guess-work, based on references within the text. The first entries are tentatively dated from March 1659.  I have altered the original as little as possible, but punctuation, paragraphing and spellings have been standardized for the modern reader.
Alison Ellman
Boston, Mass.

Above is the entry to Witch Child, taken directly from the book.  I did not read it before I read Witch Child, as I am guilty of skipping most introductions.  I was amazed to find that such a remarkable story could be true.  Parts of it were so awful that I cannot even imagine how it must have felt to be Mary.  Her life was astounding: she really was a witch, in terms of their definitions at that time.  Of course she didn't do evil things, and she wasn't "spawn of the devil" but she did have some unusual powers.

I would recommend Witch Child to anyone fourteen or older.  I truly enjoyed the book without knowing it was true and now that I know it was, I like it even more.  I'd say it's definitely worthy of a five star rating.


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