Britney, Age 12, Merced, CA

My dog Zowie was the best dog ever! She was so good; she never chewed up anything, jumped on you, or ever licked you. She was kind of the neighborhood dog because she was always at everyone’s house, but they didn’t care because she was so sweet. My whole family and all of our friends loved her.

One day my brother, my sister, our neighbors, and I were at my house riding our quad. We had just gotten the quad and we rode it all the time. When I turned the corner I looked at our neighbor’s house and saw my mom, the mail lady, and our neighbor outside crying. I thought that it was the neighbor’s dog that got hit by the mail lady, so I did one more lap around our track, and went over to where they all were. I said “what happened?” Instantly it hit me, because I saw my mom crying really hard. It was my dog Zowie that had been hit by the mail lady. My family cried for at least one day. We buried her back in the back and wrote her name in rocks on her grave.

Knowing that it was going to happen some day, it still hit me really hard. I learned from it that no matter what, animals have to die, and when you get a pet be prepared to cry. If you ever get an animal, love it all that you can.

Zowie was so sweet. I have a new dog now, he is almost as good as her, but not one animal can compare to her. Zowie was my favorite animal, and I will never forget her. She will never be replaced. I will always love her, and she will always be my favorite animal.

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