Bryan, Age 12, Merced, CA

I loved my cat Chip more than anything in the world. I loved everything about him. I loved the way he jumped all around the house, the way he stretched out with his belly exposed, even the way he taunted Fluffy. Every day I would come home and ask, “How are you doing today, Chip?” and, plop, he’d fall on the sofa and sprawl out over it in a way only a cat could position itself in. But, the fact that I loved him so much made his death hurt even more.

We ended up getting him from the pound a few weeks after a stray that had adopted us died (We named him Flash after the lightning bolt shaped pattern on his back right leg and the fact that he was as fast as a cheetah).

After Flash’s death, my father had said that we would not be getting any more cats anytime soon since we already had two, which he thought was plenty. However, that didn’t keep my mom from looking!

One day, while at the pound, she saw Chip when he was only a tiny little kitten. He was so adorable that she couldn’t help asking my dad. He reluctantly agreed, so the next day my mom came home with a surprise, the kitten! As I first saw him, I exclaimed,“ He’s so adorable! He’s as small as a flea!”

After having shown me, both of us headed out to pick up my brother from a birthday party and then went to show my dad and grandma at my dad’s shop. While there, Melissa, an employee there, suggested the name Chip. “Because of his chocolate chip colored nose.” she said. Soon thereafter, we decided on the name Chip, and brought him to his new home.

We soon realized how loving and trusting he was once he started accepting us and his new home almost immediately.

He had an amazing personality. He loved playing and was constantly active, but he got in plenty of time for sleep and relaxation, also. Sometimes he wouldn’t move for hours on end.

Every morning when I got ready for school he would be waiting on the sofa for me. I would give him some attention and have breakfast every morning, then head off to school.

Approximately a year after we had gotten him, I was going through the normal morning routine, but as I was eating breakfast, “He just rolled off the sofa.” as my mom put it. I didn’t realize what had happened, but almost immediately afterward, I realized he was dead.

I still have no idea if he had a heart attack or what, but I am at least grateful for the fact that I know that it was quick and painless.

All I can say is that God has a reason for everything, and even though I miss Chip very much, without his death, I would never have met Frisky and Fiesty, my new cats.

I miss Chip very much and wish I could have him back, but at the same time, I hope he is happy in heaven.

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