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Meredith Ann Pierce. The Darkangel Trilogy
(The Darkangel  ISBN: 0-15-201768-2  281 pg.;
A Gathering of Gargoyles  ISBN: 0-15-201801-8  333 pg.;
The Pearl of the Soul of the World  ISBN: 0-15-201800-X  301 pg.)

Magic Carpet Books
Reviewed by Sarah

"He was smiling at her slightly, a cruel smile that even in its cruelty was beautiful."

When Ariel is stolen by the darkangel, Irrylath, there is little hope for her life - none have ever returned from being stolen by a darkangel. Fortunately, she has not been stolen to wed him, as most maidens are. Ariel is too ugly to be the bride of one as fair as he, as he plainly tells her, neither aware of nor troubled by his own cruelty. Becoming the tirewoman of his thirteen other wives may be the best thing that could happen to her and to the world.

Meredith Ann Pierce must have an amazing imagination; she was able to write approximately nine hundred pages of pure fantasy. Personally, I love reading imaginary stories, probably because I read to relax, and fantasies are the best (when well written) for taking your mind away from real life and off to a spectacular new place.

The Darkangel series included three outstanding books: a very well-written trilogy. Two quotes, that I couldn't agree with more, written on the fronts of the first and second book, were "Easily the year's best fantasy." (The New York Times), and "Superb! The author's imagination seems boundless." (Publisher's Weekly).

The only thing that I would criticize about this series is the author's description of time. She has changed and put together words from our world to create hers. For example a 'daymonth' is quite often used to give the reader a sense of how long Ariel had done something. I was never able to grasp her odd names for things, and therefore never really understood just how long anything took. This annoyed me to no end! If only the author had just kept the words involving time the same. This definitely was the only thing which brought the series down in my mind. However, I would recommend the Darkangel Trilogy to audiences twelve and up.

Teacher's note: This reviewer gave Pierce's trilogy a four-star rating, primarily due to her frustration and inability to grasp the author's method of depicting time.


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