The Importance of Friendship
Karina, Age 12, Ontario, Canada

We met each other online, my best friend Senko and I. We met during the Summer, our time was spent talking and gossiping about many different things.

During this time, I realized something, there was more to this world than hate. Senko cared how I felt, more than most of my friends at school. I loved her beyond words, she was my friend.

In return I wished to care for her as well, and as time passed, she began to open up to me. Being one year older than me, I had no idea what life in high school was like. She protected me from most of the dangers in life. Not physically, but in my heart, she was there. She was there when I got home from school each day, and I learned more about the world as I listened intently to her stories.

One day, during late October, I noticed that Senko was not acting up to par and I asked her how she was. She said she was fine. For some time I believed her. However, as more time passed, I knew she was keeping something from me, something she kept from everyone.

I began asking the people who knew her and found that they knew nothing. Going to my last resort, I asked her again...and she spilled everything out. Her friend Rick, was suicidal and she wished to help, but it was overwhelming her, too much for a young girl like her, and then she told me this issue had been with her for over three years.

I wondered if I could help her, and at first, she refused to let me reason with Rick, trying to keep me away, always thinking that she herself was a bad influence. Finally, I was able to talk to him and since that day, I noticed that Senko was happier. I do not know if Senko is trying to keep everything from me, thinking that I was a child, but if she was, I wished for the right thing. She told me one day that she tried to kill herself!

I broke down and tried to calm myself. Senko told me everything was okay, and that she would not do it again. I had her promise that she wouldn't. Thankfully, it got through to her and she has been okay since then.

From then on, I realized how important friends are, how important they are to us all. Say "I love you" once in a while, because you never know if it is your last.

Author's Note: This is a true story that has happened to me not so long ago. I wish to share this with you all, as I feel that everyone should know the importance of life.

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