Gioia, Age 13, Birmingham, UK

You sit there in front of the silver screen
wasting your eyes away,
they beg you to go outside
go and make some friends, they say.

Who needs friends when you've got a computer?
Who needs friends at all?
Who needs friends when you can have fun on your own?
You don't need two to play ball.

I don't need friends, you tell them,
'Course you do they say,
now leave the computer, get some fresh air
and go outside and play.

It won't make any difference,
they'll still make fun of me.
You don't know till you try, they say,
just go outside and see.

Can't you see I like being alone,
Now listen here they shout,
No, you say, I've had enough,
so you open the door and walk out.

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