Science Camp
Kate, Age 12, Armstrong, BC

"Please Please Please can I go mom?"

Mary was 12 years old and had the opportunity to go to the best science camp in B.C, providing that her mother, who didn't know a thing about science, let her. This was almost hoping too much since  "Science for the brilliant minds" was extremely expensive and took place in Vancouver, a 6 hour journey from their home in Armstrong. But, Mary never lost hope and one day her wishes were granted.

Mary's best friend Katherine was planning on going down to Vancouver with her family for another one of her Irish Dance competitions and offered to take Mary along.

The drive however was anything but pleasant. Katherine's little sister Claire got so incredibly carsick she barfed right on the lady at the toll booth. This did not go over so well and they ended up paying 50 dollars instead of 10 because the toll booth lady insisted it would cost at least 40 dollars to get her expensive suit cleaned.

To make matters worse, Katherine and Mary got in a bit of a fight about which was better, Irish Dance or Science.

"I don't know how you stand it, Mare, all those bottles and ridiculous concoctions you have to make for some stupid reason or another."

That was Katherine's "humble" opinion.

"Well, I don't think Irish dance is the most ingenious invention either Miss twinkle toes. All you do is hop around and act cute, I can do that, look."

Mary pulled a grotesque face and fluttered her eyelashes, then she said, "Nothing to it."

Katherine was so angry about this she "accidentally" spilled her root beer all over Mary's nice pants.  Everything was fine after that. They stayed in the Best Western hotel. Katherine and Mary got to have their own private room.

The next day Katherine and Mary were ready to do some serious damage to Katherine's dad credit card. They bought 2 t-shirts, a nice skirt, 3 pairs of cheap pants and a long feather boa that was only 5 dollars. Not to mention the earrings, chocolate bars, books, journals, necklaces and bangles too.

When it was time to go to science camp Katherine and Mary were about 100 dollars in debt. Mary promised to pay him back once she had become a world-famous scientist. Dad did not seem overjoyed about this.

To wrap things up science camp was fabulous, Mary blew up her concoction and burnt her instructors hair, while successfully scaring all of her classmates. Yep, it was a good time.

Katherine won first place in her dance, at least one of them, the other dance she accidentally fell off the stage and knocked over the judge, spilling water all over him.

It was a memorable trip and one that Mary hopes to make again next year.

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