Queen Tanny and I
Jaskaran, Age 10, Merced, CA

I was going to do the impossible. I was going to find the Golden Eye from Queen Tanny’s pyramid. Everyone who had tried to make the journey, had died.  The Golden Eye was Queen Tanny’s personal gift. It makes you fly 120 miles per hour. I had all the equipment and was ready.

I went into the pyramid and found Queen Tanny’s tomb. I opened it. There was only a pile of rags. The Golden Eye wasn’t there. I closed the top and walked away.

All of a sudden, I heard a noise that sounded like two stones rubbing together. I looked back and Queen Tanny’s tomb was open. She was walking closer to me. I began screaming and running as fast as Road Runner. Queen Tanny was on my tail!

I was looking for an exit but found nothing. My speed kept on increasing, and I thought I’d lost her. But I was wrong. She was standing in front of me! I tried to run back, but she got me. I was as frozen as a popsicle. I tried to hit her, but she blocked everything.

She chased me around the pyramid until we came to a room full of gold! There it was, on a stand in the middle of the room; the Golden Eye, my reason for coming here. Queen Tanny picked up a rock and walked to the stand very slowly. She quickly switched the rock and the Golden Eye, but it didn’t work. Scorpions, mummy warriors, and the King! I was looking for my dynamite stick as quickly as possible, but there was a hole in my pack.

By the time I looked up, Queen Tanny had defeated every single warrior. She grabbed my arm, put the Eye in my pocket, and threw me into a tunnel. I got my flashlight and started crawling until I saw daylight. I got out, quickly jumped into my Hummer, and zoomed away.

I looked back and saw Queen Tanny waving. I waved back and screamed, “Good bye and thank you my new friend!”

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