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Bill Watterson. Attack of the Deranged Mutant Killer Monster Snow Goons
Scholastic  $16.95  ISBN 0-590-46229-6  130 pg.
Reviewed by Sarah

Aw Mom, you act like I'm not even wearing a bungee cord!

A humorous collection of comics make up this wonderfully entertaining book. Bill Watterson has created a timeless compilation of moments. My entire family enjoys Calvin and Hobbes just as much as I do. Calvin's side-splitting remarks and facial expressions are enough to send me into hysterical laughter for hours on end. I love this book, and all the others in this series. I would definitely recommend them to anyone, no matter what age. If you ever need cheering, or are simply in the mood for a laugh, these are the books for you. Definitely a five-star worthy comic book!

Calvin, a young boy with an uncontrollable imagination, is the main character. Together he and his stuffed tiger, Hobbes (who comes alive with a little help from Calvin's imagination) wreak havoc, and, for the readers, create hilarity. Susie, Calvin's arch-enemy, is often provoked and riled by Calvin, as are his teacher, babysitter and parents. Perhaps the only person who is not irritated by Calvin is the school bully, Moe. In this particular edition there are also deranged, mutant, killer, monster, snow goons with whom Calvin interacts.


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