China Town and Golden Gate
Kelsey, Age 14, Tacoma, WA

My mom and I decided to take the cable car to check out China Town. We were sitting there when the gruff conductor whose patch on his jacket said 40 years (obviously 40 years too long) yelled "China Town two blocks!" My mom and I hopped off while the car squeaked on down one of San Francisco's million hills.

When we looked around we realized he had not told us what direction or any form of useful information, besides us noticing that he wasn't greatly fond of his job in his tone of voice. So we, the only white Americans in a sea of people, pulled out our map looking like silly tourists already. We weren't exactly sure where we were but decided to head in the direction of the big gate showing the entrance to China Town. (Looking back our guess on what direction was completely wrong.)

When I finally looked up it was amazing to me. So many people, so many little shops, our taste of what I guess is the real China. Not a huge taste just a nibble of what maybe it is like. When we finally  did find our way that wasn't in the smack middle, almost leaning on the ghetto of town, we felt more comfortable and really, really enjoyed it. It was a little weird how different some of the culture is, yet it intrigued me all the more, and it holds a firm place in my memories.

Golden Gate Bridge
We had gone over it a couple of times but that one time at night took my breath away. My dad pulled off onto a little dirt road and followed it up the hill. He parked and I got out and couldn't believe it. The entire city was lit up on this black canvas of a mixture of sky and stars. It was absolutely beautiful, and amazing. The bridge with its deep orange, red mixture of a color transporting a hundred cars it seemed that night, yet all you could see was their lights which fit in perfectly with the rest of the city. Behind the two pillars lay a shadow showing the bridge's beautiful piece of manmade carpentry, the details so elegant for something so huge. It was one of those moments that I wish I could close my eyes and have appear. It was perfectly lovely.

The last place was the harbor holding about 50 seals. It was hilarious, they were all just lounging half on top of each other in the warm sun. Every once in a while one would knock the other into the water and take its spot. Apparently they all just started swimming there and wouldn't leave, so the boats had to. They were basically a bunch of slugs yet in their own way slightly cute. It was pretty funny.

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