The Color of the Rainbow
Karina, Age 12, Ontario, Canada

The color of the rainbow
Overcomes the shadows,
Their bright cheerfulness
sends all darkness away.

This does not however,
cheer up a young girl.
who sat in the darkness
pouring out her tears.

The man she loved left her,
how was she supposed to feel?
She thought they would be together,
not come undone in the end.

The man sat staring,
wondering why he gave up.
There was nothing wrong with her,
in fact, she was perfect.

The man cries,
mourns for all the love he lost.
On the other side the girl ponders,
wonders what she did.

She cannot stand it any longer,
and soon gives up all hope.
The man had his head in his hands,
drowning all thoughts of her away.

The rainbow was looked upon
one last time before it goes away
the beauty soon disappears,
leaving more sadness in two hearts.

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