Life Is a Dance
Alex, Age 13, Reston, VA

I look outside the window
Than I close the blinds
I wish I could escape from this torture
I want to escape but not die

When I tell people this they laugh at me
They tell me that we all need friends
I agree with them I tell them
But I donít want friends like them

They are too loud
Too dumb
Too pink
I think they lost all their personality
I wonder if they can still think

I am different than them
I am quiet and solemn and true
I always try to be honest
But I want to be different from you

I prefer my books to those people
Those clones of reality and strife
I would rather write than make friends, I say
But you ask me if I have a life

Truth is, I am different Ė is that really so wrong?
I donít use the newest gadget cause everyone has it
My life is a dance, not a song

But than why donít I have any friends?
I mean, why donít they like me for who I am?
So what if I'm different?
I am who I am.
Once I was like them
Once I was wrong
But I know the truth now
For life should be a dance
Not the same old song

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