Karina, Age 12, Ontario, Canada

It's overwhelming,
like a thick fog.
It's suffocating me,
and I'm willing to go this way.

Where no one will see me,
where no one will cry.
Where no one can think clearly,
Where everyone will go one day.

The darkness is blinding,
all of my vision is slowly fading away.
But I am happy here,
as I never been during the day.

I hold the knife against my chest,
hoping to finally leave this tormenting world,
and reach forever happiness,
even if it stays cold.

It's over now,
the darkness covers me like a blanket.
Pushing away all the memories,
of all the ones I want to forget.

It's time to sleep,
to forever dream,
about those who love me,
and those whom I love.

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