Don't Judge
Karina, Age 12, Ontario, Canada

Don't judge a book by its cover.
You don't know anyone.
Don't judge by the appearance,
judge by the inside.

You may be surprised when you find out
that not all are who they say they are.
They are lying, cheaters in life.
They don't get how hard it is for some.

People are not always what they seem.
Don't think that you know someone until you do.
Are they really how your friends tell you they are?
Or are your friends the ones you should turn away from?

Not all know what they are thinking.
Words slip out at will.
So how do you judge someone,
when you do not know much about them?

No one is like what they are told exactly.
Many being the exact opposite.
People do this to humor or hurt you.
Is it really worth the trouble?

Don't judge someone until you talk to them.
You may become friends.
Don't listen to your friends all the time.
It isn't always going to help, trust your instincts.

Think of who you listen.
Do you listen to your friend?
Or do you trust your heart the most?
Who will you choose in the end?

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