Don't Ask Me What I Want
Karina, Age 12, Ontario, Canada

Donít ask me what I want
I donít deserve the sympathy.
This is how I want to play lifeís game,
And I donít want to change anything.

Iíll keep everything from you.
Anything to keep you from worrying.
Itís not something Iím proud of,
So leave me be this way.

Iím worthless,
And really good for nothing.
I donít feel needed here,
So I donít expect you to care.

I feel alone and cold,
But I know it shall go away,
If I leave this dark,
And cruel, cruel world.

Donít hold back your emotions,
I think I can handle what you say.
After all, Iím not that sad,
Actually, itís something I want.

I donít fear the blade,
But surprising, fear you.
I donít think this is something you wantÖ
So HOPEFULLY, it wonít end this way.

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