The Fairy Garden
Lauren Anne, Age 13, Torremolinos, Malaga, Spain

Fairy, Fairy,
I'm never too old,
Fairy, Fairy
I'll do what I'm told.

Fairy, Fairy,
I'll never forget,
Fairy, fairy,
whom I've never met.

Fairy, Fairy,
You're in my head,
Fairy, fairy,
I didn't care what mum said.

Fairy, Fairy,
Was it you?
Fairy, fairy,
Did you see me, too?

Fairy, fairy,
I know when you're around,
Fairy, fairy,
you whiz while I am helplessly on the ground.

You fill the air with a glorious smell,
When you're around I can tell,
The strawberries dissapear,
and the dog yelps in fear,
I find fairy dust
And wish and wish till it rusts,
I know you once did live in my garden,
In a fairy garden.

Why you've gone is a mystery,
Is it because I'm too old?
But you will be part of my history!

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