She Is Free
Alex, Age 13, Reston, VA

A whisper in the wind, dancing through the urban streets, unable to fit in.
Never crying, always laughing, a memory of childhood in her heart, an ancient ruin of what once was.
Voices pure in the cold and leaden night, as light as a smile and yet as heavy a burden as the largest ocean.
Primitive, yet more advanced, she laughs with the world, and smiles at death.
               She is Freedom.
               She is Free.

Truth is in her heart, so lonely, laughter crying in her soul, smiles are in her every wish, the truth soon to be told.
Laughter is her air, ruin her poison, truth her shelter
Grief is her death, Innocence her water, Vital to her as life itself
Starlight is her fire, living off the hope of others.
               Can no one see her real identity?
               She is Childhood
               She is Child

A cry within the night, choices soon, the life she loves, the love of her life
False is her devotion, the only part of her that is
Death is to her loving moonlight, stars grow old and die, Innocent grow older now, and life a life of lies
Loving heart is now her downfall, sadness grows within, love is burned She can see the world now, for what it really is, and all the sorrow lying there, in trees and love, in truth and lies
               She is Sadness
               She is Sad

Life goes on, and she is ever changing, a lover now, and discontent, still hoping for her lost life long ago
Her children are the same as she, laughers, dancers, truth is all they need
Her face, once young and lovely is older and wiser, her eyes have lost their happy sparkle, Her love is gone from her life
               She is Wiser
               She is Wise

And there she lays upon a bed, her children at her side, her grandchildren sitting out in the waiting room
She smiles and is still, her eyes are closed, and she is content
And once more she is young and carefree, a whisper in the wind
Dancing through the streets, the rain, the snow
               And she is Freedom
               She is Free

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